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Verité RFP for Scaling Consultant(s)

Request for Proposals:

Scaling Consulting for a Social Impact Technology Startup

Deadline for Proposals: December 13, 2019

Project Abstract:

Two scopes of work:

Social Impact Startup Consulting: Staffing, Pricing, Operationalization

Technology Consulting: Automation and Predictive Data Analysis

Ideally, one agency, group, or individual will provide both, but we will consider single-scope proposals.

Project Timeline:

RFP Submissions: Due December 13, 2019
Vendor Selection: By January 17, 2020
Project Start: No later than January 27, 2020
Project Completion: No later than March 31, 2020

Who We Are:

Verité is an independent nonprofit organization based in Amherst, MA with a mission to ensure safe, fair, and legal conditions for workers internationally. Since 1995, Verité has partnered with hundreds of corporations, governments, and NGOs to illuminate labor rights violations in supply chains and remedy

them to the benefit of workers and companies alike. Our partners and clients include Mars, Nestle, HP, Target, Patagonia, NXP, the ILO, the Alliance to End Trafficking and Slavery, the Skoll Foundation, and the US Department of Labor, among others.

The Problem:

Modern day slavery, including forced labor & human trafficking, affects more than 20 million people. As globalization has increased, an exploitative system of labor recruitment in supply chains has emerged, based on charging excessive and illegal fees to migrant workers which often results in forced labor. Forced labor victims are typically connected to multinational brands, whose labor supply chains are hidden behind multiple layers of recruiters who facilitate the movement and placement of workers in factories and workplaces. Many employers knowingly transfer most, if not all, of the upfront costs of employment to desperate foreign migrant workers in the form of recruitment fees to boost profitability and competitiveness. Brands lack awareness of the specific ways they are connected to this exploitative and illegal behavior. Even companies committed to addressing these issues have limited visibility into, or leverage over, the intermediaries in their labor supply chains.

The CUMULUS Product Offering:

Launched in January 2019, CUMULUS is a subscription-based secure online platform created by Verité to provide multinational brands with access to:

Labor supply chain mapping

Due Diligence Reports

Recommendations for preventive measures and prioritization of due diligence

Data dashboards showing supply chain employer and recruitment agent risk profiles

CUMULUS allows subscribed members to monitor and reduce the risk of forced labor in their labor supply chains, helping them to better support a global marketplace for ethical recruitment.

For more CUMULUS Product Details:

Consultancy Goals:

We’ve received a generous grant to tap into outside expertise in social impact business development and in using new technologies to enhance our analysis and our scaling capability.

Our software platform is live. This year we doubled our productivity goals and cut our product timing in half, but we know we can do more. We have Directors of Product and Data Analysis and a skilled Agile product team. We have a backlog for process refinements and automation features, and we’re working against our Year 2 Development and Staffing Roadmap. So we’re not looking to replicate this.

Instead, we’re seeking outside expertise in the following areas:

Product scoping and definition for a new data product offering
Product Pricing Recommendations
Automation, Operationalization, and Staffing Recommendations
Predictive Data Analysis Recommendations

Project portfolio examples will ideally involve:

Data-driven platforms/products
AI, NLP, Machine Learning, and other advanced data related technologies
Enterprise B2B software architecture and implementation
API design, delivery, and security
Social impact, mission-driven projects

Two Scopes of Work:

The CUMULUS Scaling Consultancy includes both technology- and business-focused scopes of work. Ideally, one agency, group, or individual will provide both, but we will consider single-scope proposals.

1) Business Scope of Work:

Staffing: Review our growth roadmap, advise on outsourcing vs developing internal capacity

Operationalization: Review workflow area(s), recommend tools and process enhancements

Pricing: Recommend pricing for new product offerings, review existing subscription model

2) Technology Scope of Work:

Automation: Recommend ways to increase speed and efficiency

Operationalization: Outsourcing vs developing internal capacity, build vs buy analysis

Product Scoping: applications for AI, NLP, ML for predictive data analysis and/or automation

Project Process:

We are not looking for an all-encompassing review of our product. Instead, we will provide a handful of targeted issues to solve for. During Intake, we will provide detailed information and documentation on each issue. Together, we will define expectations for the deliverable and ask you to size the effort involved. At the close of Intake, we will agree to the amount of work that will fit within our engagement.

Business Deliverables May Include:

Revised staffing roadmap, write-up of growth recommendations

Revised Workflow Map with recommended tools to employ and process enhancements

Pricing Report, providing research and recommendations

Moderation of 1-2 in-person collaborative strategy sessions

Recommendations for information resources, networks, products, and external partners

Technology Deliverables May Include:

Written feature definition and technical requirements ready to hand off as part of an RFP

Product research, build vs buy analysis, and written findings report

Written process analysis with revised workflows and technology recommendations

Moderation of 1-2 in-person collaborative strategy sessions

Recommendations for information resources, networks, products, and external partners


Proposals will ideally be time and materials based, with the assumption that we will agree to a fixed amount of dedicated time per week for the length of the engagement, and we will work from a backlog of prioritized, sized issues, each with a defined deliverable.


The consultancy will involve 1-2 in-person collaborative strategy sessions at the Verité offices in Amherst, MA. Please include budget for travel in your proposal.

Mission-Driven, Nonprofit Focus:

As a social impact technology startup, our approach to scaling is driven by our mission. We are ideally looking for consultants with nonprofit and/or social impact technology experience.

We’re looking for demonstrated experience and expertise in the following:

Enterprise B2B software architecture and implementation

AI, NLP, Machine Learning, and other advanced data related technologies

API design, delivery, and security

MBA and or startup experience

Software process management and operational workflow design

Criteria for Selection:

Specify the scope of work your proposal covers: Business, Technology, or both (see page 2)

Describe your approach, your areas of expertise, and the range of services provided

Provide a timeline for delivering these services (~4-5 weeks for 1 scope or 8-10 weeks for both)

Include a budget with travel costs to Amherst, MA for 1-2 in-person strategy sessions

Summarize 2-3 examples of similar projects, your process, and the outcomes

Include bios or resumes for those who will perform the work

Include 2-3 professional references with phone, email, title, and how you’ve worked together

Please email your proposal to Attn: Rachel Baliff