Vice President, Trusted Advisor

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners
Job Description
Vice President, Trusted Advisor
Neighborhood Trust’s mission is to empower low-income, working individuals to become productive participants in the U.S. financial system and achieve their financial goals. Neighborhood Trust is recognized as a leading innovator in providing financial wellness solutions in the workplace, with its employee benefit, Trusted Advisor. We are also scaling nationally via technical assistance and capacity-building to cities, and with credit unions via Pathways. Today we serve nearly 10,000 workers each year. The organization is growing quickly with strong support from leading foundations and strategic partners to expand our national reach. 
Neighborhood Trust now seeks a dynamic, execution-oriented entrepreneur to lead the Trusted Advisor business, drive the product forward and significantly grow our client and market impact.
Trusted Advisor is a social enterprise delivering a package of phone- and mobile-based financial coaching and products tailored to workers, with diverse customers including employers, benefits providers, fintechs, labor organizations and worker networks. Trusted Advisor is pursuing a sustainable business model that relies on earned revenue to cover its national operations, and leveraging philanthropy for growth and impact. Success is an at-scale, sustainable operation with the data to influence greater economic opportunity for workers. 
As a young social enterprise living within a non-profit deeply committed to innovation, the VP of Trusted Advisor is a unique and compelling opportunity. Our Trusted Advisor team is passionate about creating solutions that provide financial security to today’s struggling workers in the context of a dynamic labor and financial services market. Today we have significant momentum – with a presence in multiple geographic regions, contracts with major national customers, and a growing national brand.
The VP of Trusted Advisor will have end-to-end responsibility for the Trusted Advisor business, including product strategy, design and build, sales, service delivery and P&L management. The VP of Trusted Advisor will lead her or his team to deliver on:
  • Brand and visibility as a national worker financial health social enterprise
  • Product strategy and design, including a strong user experience for business clients, end users, and our Financial Coaches providing services
  • Commercial strategy, revenue models and sales, including major strategic partnerships
  • Delivering a quality experience for our users
  • Growing the annual number of customers, and target users served
  • Achieving annual earned revenue targets 
  • Ownership of budget and sustainability for the product line
  • Building a data set that proves business value for customers, proves mission impact, and influences the labor and financial services markets
The VP will oversee a Trusted Advisor team that includes ~20 staff members distributed over a Sales and Relationship Management Team, a Product & UX team, and a Program Operations team that includes our Financial Coaches.
The role will report to our CEO, Justine Zinkin, and will be part of the 4-person Executive Team providing overall leadership to our organization.
1. Guide brand, product and business model design for impact and influence.
  • Drive the vision, design, and go-to-market strategies for a product that meets the needs of our customers; improves financial health for low- and moderate-income workers; and contributes to innovation and structural change in workplace financial services.
  • Build Trusted Advisor into a competitive national brand and strengthen Neighborhood Trust’s brand as a national thought leader on worker financial health
2. Generate revenue and drive sales.
  • Create and test commercial strategies that generate earned revenue and build a sustainable product line.
  • Test and define price point strategies by customer types and segments.
  • Identify and grow the paying-customer base.
  • Establish and manage strategic relationships.
  • Define and deliver on sales and revenue targets.
3. Grow customers and users of product and services.
Help scale our impact by achieving a significant increase in target clients served. You will lead your teams in identifying and testing strategies to engage and grow our end-client user base.
4. Position Trusted Advisor as a thought leader and resource in the financial health and job quality movements
Position Trusted Advisor as a contributor to market- and policy change supporting worker economic opportunity. Strengthen data collection and analytics systems so Trusted Advisor is a source of insights on workers’ financial lives; and the business impact of investing in worker financial health
5. Overall Organizational Leadership
As part of the Executive Team, you will serve as a steward and driver of overall organizational performance and employee engagement. You will join the leadership team in the ownership of key questions: How do we position Trusted Advisor for success as an at-scale, earned revenue social enterprise, alongside overall organizational growth? What are the most effective strategies to deliver on our mission? Are we living our Core Values in the approach we take? As a leadership team, are we growing our talent and creating an engaging employee experience?
With Trusted Advisor including 45% of our total budget and being a key-strategic priority, the organizational leadership work is a natural extension of leading this product line. 
  • Is passionate about building a solution for workers given significant flux in the labor market
  • Believes that income inequality is one of our country's greatest challenges, and that workers should earn a living wage 
  • Aims to build a solution that harnesses our core asset, financial counseling, as a component part of a holistic solution linked to complementary financial tools, products or processes 
  • Believes in the potential for financial services innovation to create greater economic opportunity 
  • Believes in the social enterprise business model in which our nonprofit status serves as a competitive differentiator rather than a limitation on growth; and which holds us accountable for both sustainability via earned revenue as well as social impact. 
  • 10+ years of relevant, progressive experience building and scaling tech-enabled solutions. Ability to innovate and develop new strategies in both the revenue model and product design space.
  • Deep subject-matter knowledge in labor, human resources, consumer finance and fintech.
  • 10+ years of leading and managing teams – creating a high performance, engaging work climate.
  • Experience working in a mission-driven or nonprofit environment is preferred but not required. 
  • Proven ability to inspire, coach, and influence direct reports, senior leaders, Board members, and other staff. 
  • Experience serving as a spokesperson and thought leader on behalf of an organization
  • Motivated by an innovative, fast-paced environment, and readiness to embrace change.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills and the ability to quickly synthesize data and help others make data-driven decisions.
  • Passionate commitment to Neighborhood Trust’s mission 
Competitive salary and benefits package offered. 
To apply please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to with the subject line “Vice President of Trusted Advisor.”
Neighborhood Trust is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to equal employment opportunity in all decisions related to employment, promotion, wages, benefits and all other privileges, terms and conditions of employment.

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