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Key Focus Area: Impact Investing

“As an investor, consumer, or changemaker, the opportunities to put a dollar to work - in alignment with your values - is one highly meaningful path.” - Rehana Nathoo, Founder and CEO, Spectrum Impact

The world faces some harrowing challenges: hunger, inadequate healthcare, unsafe water, inequality, and challenges associated with climate change and a lack of natural resources. Impact investing offers a way to use investments to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. Impact investments generate social and/or environmental impact with some expectation of a return on or of the invested capital.

Over the past few years, Net Impact has spread awareness on impact investing as a career path with a focus on adding diversity to the field. Our impact investing portal offers educational information, videos with established professionals in the field, and resources for aspiring investors. Additionally, our chapter-led and national events offer unparalleled access to leaders in the field of impact investing. Our goal is to provide resources for our community to understand how their money can align with their values and offer support to view impact investing as a viable career path.

Learn more about our Chapter Communities and our open programs to get involved. 

Companies and organizations looking to support Net Impact’s Impact Investing efforts are encouraged to schedule a call with our team. 

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