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Top Five Civic Engagement Podcasts

Top five civic engagement podcasts | Net Impact

Civic engagement is about getting involved to improve the life of a community. There is a growing interest in community engagement among today’s youth, and we think it’s important to educate yourself through podcasts and other tools if you’re interested in making a difference.


What does it mean to be civically engaged?

Civic engagement is the idea that members of a community can make a difference through dialogue and action. While governments are ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of their constituents, people have an important role to play by amplifying their voices and taking action when they can.

You can get civically involved by educating others about issues that matter. There are different ways of getting involved, and it can be political or not. You can volunteer, vote, find work as a social entrepreneur or lobby for new laws.

Civic and community engagement can also be about the environment, the creation of job and educational opportunities, economic growth, access to healthcare, and more.

Recently, more and more people have been getting involved. For instance, the percentage of young adults who helped others register to vote jumped from 11% in 2018 to 28% in 2020. Trends like moving conversations to digital spaces and leveraging technology to solve issues are shaping modern civic engagement.


Top five civic engagement podcasts

Over the past several years, podcasting has become a popular medium that allows creators to discuss complex ideas, inspire others and showcase different points of view with guests. All of these factors make podcasting ideal for learning more about civic engagement. Here are five podcasts to inspire you to get civically engaged:

Inside Social Innovation with the Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Stanford Social Innovation Review is a magazine and website that educates people about important issues. Articles often inspire readers by presenting groundbreaking social innovation projects, and you’ll usually find a research-based approach.

It made sense to take this same approach for a podcast. This podcast takes the time to explore issues in-depth. They also often feature guests and inspirational speakers.

The episodes discuss a wide range of topics, but you’ll learn a lot about the role of nonprofits and trends that are shaping this sector.

Civic Tech Chat

The Civic Tech Chat podcast is for those interested in a career in technology. You’ll learn how you can use your unique skills to improve life in your community. The episodes often feature guests from the tech industry too.

This podcast looks at how technology can improve access to public services and how new tech can better serve people. It also challenges the notion that tech companies should seek profit above everything else and presents tech as a vector for connection, education and change.

Gov Pod

What will tomorrow’s government look like? The top experts at Microsoft answer this question in this fascinating podcast.

You’ll learn how new technologies like the cloud, AI and big data can transform things like the justice system, taxes, and access to social services. It’s a short podcasting series, but it will give you a better idea of the possibilities that exist.

Knight Cities

This podcast features over 50 episodes of interviews with community engagement leaders from all around the country. You’ll hear from experts who discuss the economic aspect of building a community and those who work with data to assess what makes a city successful.

Every episode of this podcast is a different take on community engagement. There is plenty of material if you’re looking for a source of inspiration or want a podcast that will introduce you to new ideas.


Table Talks

Table Talks takes a concrete approach by sharing podcast episodes that are case studies of how a city or community solved a specific issue. A lot of the episodes look at how communities improved engagement with digital tools. Besides learning about real solutions, you’ll also discover the process that community leaders go through when they identify and address a problem.

These podcasts are a great place for getting started on your journey to learning more about civic engagement. You can find additional resources at Net Impact.