NI Discussion Circles: Program Pilot

Net Impact Central is piloting issue-based discussion groups to help members of our community engage deeply with social impact-related topics. We’re looking for Chapter Leaders and/or Chapter Members to partner with us as we design discussion toolkits, build out comprehensive content, and develop a plan for program scaling. Chapter program participants will be responsible for designing specific, topical content in an area of particular interest, convening a group of 5+ participants for two to three months of regular meetings, testing potential virtual platforms/tools, and sharing their progress and learnings with NI Central.

Co-Design a New Program

Benefits of Participating

  • Free Conference registration
  • Opportunity to feature your content at the 2018 Net Impact Conference (NI18) 
  • First in line for a longer-term fellowship position (details TBD) to facilitate and grow the program 



  • Chapter Leaders or Members interested in taking on a leadership opportunity
  • Excitement about a particular topic area 



  • March 29: Deadline to apply 
  • Early April: Design content and plan discussion format
  • Mid-April - June: Bi-weekly circle meetings and check-ins with NI Central 
  • July: Co-develop recommendations and next steps with NI Central


Email for more information about how to get involved in this exciting opportunity.