Paul Hawken, author of NYT Best Seller Project Drawdown has identified the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming. The Net Impact Drawdown INNOVATE Program enables participants to imagine original ideas to scale climate solutions - moving us all to a better climate future.

Lead an Event


First: Host an Event

Participants use design thinking and business planning to imagine, test, and refine product, service, or startup ideas to bring solutions to reverse global warming to market. Solutions can range from themes around impact of educating women and girls, or energy, amongst others.

Second: Submit Your Ideas

Submit your idea to be selected to attend an accelerator bootcamp in San Francisco and compete for the grand prize. The event is led by design thinking consultants who train attendees to create innovative, viable, game-changing solutions. Teams will improve their solutions through pre-event coaching, on-site training and exercises at the event, and post-event advising. Finalists learn transferable skills that not only improve the quality of submissions, but can be immediately applied to other projects.

Participants receive a toolkit with:

  • Details on the climate solutions
  • Tips and resources on how to host an event
  • Materials for attendees, for the facilitator, and for marketing
  • Guidance on how to track and submit for national recognition


Why Get Involved

  • Develop and execute new venture ideas
  • Support your Chapter’s activities with $125
  • Earn points toward Gold Status
  • Enhance your resume
  • Make a difference in a better climate future
  • Top teams will be eligible for an accelerator boot camp and a cash prize
  • Chance to intern with Interface, a global sustainability leader



Ongoing: Get started by signing up your Chapter to receive your Drawdown INNOVATE toolkit
Feb 22: Early bird deadline to submit for feedback
Mar 8: Deadline to submit innovate challenge proposal
Mar 14: Finalists selected to attend accelerator
Mar 14 - Apr 5: Finalists prepare for accelerator
April 5-7: Accelerator in San Francisco
May: Winner announced



Net Impact chapter members and Interface partners are eligible to receive $125 project funds, get support, and win prizes



 Schedule time to chat with your Drawdown INNOVATE representative at Net Impact, or email drawdown@netimpact.org


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