Future of Energy Challenge

In the Future of Energy Challenge, we ask the next generation of thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to design collaborative, innovative ideas addressing the question: How might we provide much more energy for a growing global population while finding ways to emit much less CO2?

The Future of Energy Challenge is supported by Shell

The 2018-2019 Future of Energy Challenge questions will focus on ideas that promote and strengthen integrated energy systems. Check back soon to see our specific issue areas for this year!

In the first round of the competition, participants will submit a proposal with broad business ideas or a system solution addressing the challenge brief. In the second round, 10-15 teams will be chosen as top submissions and have the opportunity to refine their ideas with Net Impact and Shell. More information, including program deadlines, will be announced at the 2018 Net Impact Conference.

Supported by ShellActiveGroupNorth, Central, South AmericasAccess experts, trip for top teams
  • Undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals are all welcome to apply
  • Teams should have 2-4 members, ideally with a variety of academic backgrounds and perspectives
  • Teams must be based in the Americas (North, Central, South)
  • Top 10-15 teams hone their idea in a virtual workshop with Shell's research teams
  • Three finalist teams will travel to California for a prize trip (travel expenses paid!), which includes:
    • Attending Shell's invite-only event about the future of energy
    • Participating in the Future of Energy Accelerator, in which teams will build out their ideas with input from business and industry experts

Subject to change, official program deadlines will be announced at the 2018 Net Impact Conference

  • November 2018: Early bird deadline for first round submissions. Teams who submit by the early deadline will get personalized feedback from Net Impact Central. Your team will then have the option to revise and resubmit your submissions by the final deadline.
  • December 2018: Deadline for first round submissions
  • December 2018 - January 2019: Top teams refine their ideas with help from Net Impact and Shell
  • February 2019: Deadline for final round submissions
  • March 2019: Winning teams notified
  • Spring 2019: Winning teams attend an event with industry experts to further develop their ideas. Travel expenses provided!

Questions? Contact futureofenergy@netimpact.org.

Students and professionals in North, Central, and South AmericasEarly bird deadline: November, 2018Learn MoreOpen to All