NI Local

Bring Net Impact to your community! Whether this is your first event or you are a seasoned NI Local organizer, you will engage your local community on cutting edge social and environmental topics. Gain tangible leadership skills to advance in your impact career all while having fun engaging with a global network of change makers.

Host an Event

Below is a sampling of some the amazing NI Locals. Check back for frequent updates.

  • Abuja, Nigeria Professional (Abuja, Nigeria)
  • CGED Professional (Migori, Kenya)
  • IIT Kharagpur (Kharagpur, India)
  • Nairobi Professional (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • North Carolina State University - Graduate Chapter (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  • Pratt Institute (New York City, New York)
  • Rotman Net Impact (Toronto, Ontario)
  • University of Connecticut Graduate Net Impact (Mansfield, Connecticut)
  • USFQ - Undergraduate (Quito, Ecuador)

Benefits of Participating

  • Apply to receive resources to promote and support your event
  • Gain tangible leadership skills with specific metrics
  • Build relationships with local movers-and-shakers in your community
  • Develop and strengthen your network by sharing key industry insights
  • Produce visual content for your future resume or portfolio
  • Celebrate and promote the Net Impact vision


  • All Net Impact Chapter Leaders or Members are invited to host their very own NI Local event on their campus or in their community


  • September: Submit your proposal and hold kickoff call with Net Impact Central staff
  • September-November: Build and create your NI Local programming
  • November: Midpoint check-in call with Net Impact Central
  • December-January: Plan and execute your marketing and logistics plans
  • February: Host your very own event!


  • How many organizers does hosting an NI Local require?
    • We recommend having anywhere from 3-6 organizers for your NI Local event. Of course, you are welcome to host on your own or with more than 6 individuals assisting you, but we do reccomend this number.
  • How many attendees should I aim to attract?
    • We would like you to have at least 150 attendees at your event. If you are hosting a “sponsored” NI Local event, this number will change depending on required metrics, however for a standard event, please aim for 150 attendees minimum.
  • How much time does this take for me to plan?
    • We recommend a minimum of 4-6 months to plan ahead. We have seen NI Local events be successful with both less and more planning, but this is the recommended amount of time.

Please contact to learn more about this exciting series.