SDG&E Energy Ambassador

The SDG&E Energy Ambassador program is supported by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E).

Net Impact is excited to partner with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to help support San Diego's small business community conserve energy. Net Impact's ambassadors will contact thousands of small businesses to educate them and raise awareness about time of use periods, reducing energy usage, and making effective use of their online accounts. They will also guage small business' interest in receiving a free energy audit by SDG&E. 

What do ambassadors do?

Ambassadors reach out - both in person and remotely via phone - to a targeted list of San Diego micro-businesses to discuss their energy usage. Each interaction takes approximately 10-15 minutes, during which ambassadors inform business owners about Time of Use pricing, potential energy rebates and online tools, and the option to receive a free energy audit.

What are the benefits for small business owners?

Many business owners are not aware of recent price increases or the levels of energy their businesses consume. They often lack the time and resources to fully understand the options available to manage their energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and lower their energy costs.

Ambassadors provide in-person instruction on how to log into their "My Account" SDG&E account, track energy use, and minimize their costs. Small businesses will be able to better forecast energy savings and calculate annual energy cost savings, and they will be eligibile to receive a full report of installations and recommendations for additional energy efficient upgrades. 

What are the benefits for ambassadors?

Enhance your resume while helping local, San Diego businesses and the environment! Whether you're considering a career in sustainability or looking to make a big impact with a flexible schedule, the 2018 Energy Efficiency program is the perfect way to:

  • Get paid - earn up to $35 for every successful interaction you complete
  • Boost your resume - gain marketable professional skills for your resume and future interviews
  • Expand your knowledge - learn more about energy efficiency and green business practices through hands-on experience
  • Be part of something bigger - support and help local businesses in your community and throughout the state of California to reduce their carbon footprint

What are the benefits for SDG&E?

SDG&E wants to enhance energy efficiency across the state and ultimately lower fossil fuel emissions, aiding California's goal of limiting the effects of climate change. With such a large commercial customer base, SDG&E has dedicated teams of employees to inform their various customer segments on how to lower their energy use, but some customer segments are harder to reach than others. Small businesses, often called micro businesses, are essential to conserving energy because they collectively comprise a significant portion of energy consumers. By partnering with Net Impact, SDG&E can bring information directly to this audience. 

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