Sustainability Toolkits

Help the environment, your resume, and a small business – with a do-it-yourself consulting toolkit.

Considering a career in sustainability? Apply your academic know-how to real world business scenarios with one of our Projects for Good toolkits in a box. We've partnered with a number of organizations, including B Lab, Green Impact Campaign, PG&E, and more, to provide you with step-by-step toolkits to create your own consulting engagement.

Take a peek at our most in-demand toolkits, and then start targeting the organizations where you want to have an impact.

Help a company get certified in sustainability

B Corps certification sets the standard for objectively evaluating whether an organization has a positive impact on society and the environment. The B Impact Assessment will guide you through the process of determining how a company performs against best practices, comparing their performance against thousands of other organizations, and developing a plan to implement improvements.

Screencasts: Getting started | How to recruit an organization

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Reduce an organization’s energy costs

Many organizations know that their utility costs impact their bottom line, but don’t have the resources to do something about it. These toolkits from Green Impact Campaign and PG&E allow you to assess a local organization's energy usage and make recommendations on how it can reduce utility costs and consumption.

We currently have two toolkits available - one toolkit that's specific to California and one toolkit that's nationwide.

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