Up to Us Year of Action

Up to Us is a program that empowers students to educate their peers on our U.S. national debt, how it could affect their economic opportunities, and what our generation can do to have a voice in raising awareness of our fiscal challenges! Pick from a list of engaging, fun events to engage with students on your campus about our country’s fiscal challenges. We’ll give you the tools, training, and funding to ensure your event has what it needs to be successful so you can reap the rewards.

Join the movement!

Benefits of Participating

  • Up to $150 to host your event
  • Entry into a raffle to win an iPad and/or $1,000 for meeting specific participant goals
  • $150 bonus stipend for reaching your participant goals
  • Resume-building leadership experience and project management training
  • How-to toolkits to bring your event to life


  • Currently enrolled undergraduate or grad student in the U.S.


  • September-April: Sign up to host an event
  • September to June: Host your event

How do I get involved?



  • Peter G Peterson Foundation

  • Clinton Global Initiative University

  • Up to Us