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Corporate Careers That Make a Difference

Corporate Careers That Make a Difference is an indispensable guide to pursuing and building your career in CSR and sustainability. This free 80+ page PDF offers first-hand accounts of the many opportunities open to those interested in using their job to make a positive impact.


What's in the guide?

  • Nearly two dozen profiles of professionals who have built successful careers in corporate citizenship within a wide variety of departments.
  • Practical advice for both your job search and long-term career development
  • Skills and competencies needed for successful corporate citizenship work
  • Insights into the corporate citizenship landscape and diversity of opportunities available

Who should read it?

Whether you're just starting the job search, switching career directions, or looking for ways to incorporate social and environmental change into your current role, Corporate Careers That Make a Difference will equip you with a sturdy foundation on which to build a lasting career in sustainability and social responsibility, no matter your department or job title.

Special thanks

Corporate Careers That Make a Difference was produced by Net Impact and the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College. This publication is made possible in part through a generous grant from the GE Foundation.