Activity Ideas

You know your members best, and as a leader, are in the best position to decide what programming works best for your Chapter. We wanted to provide an additional list of activity ideas that you can use and modify as you wish. We hope these are helpful and, if you develop a new and interesting activity, please submit it here so we can add it to this list! If you are looking for inspiration, our previous Chapter of the Year winners are great examples. You can find videos from the 2017-18 winners and prior years as well. You can review the ideas on this page by the following categories:

Career Exploration

Skill Sharing and Social Activities

Design Sprint

Long Projects


Career Exploration

Host a Networking Event

Use our toolkit to hold an event with the core purpose of building up the professional network of your Chapter members in the impact space.

Biweekly Meetup for Job Seekers

Build a community and support system for members seeking careers in impact by creating a meetup every other week. In these sessions, you can critique applications and share best practices in network, portfolios, resume design, and navigating the impact field. If you are a campus-based chapter, you can also integrate the resources of your school into these meetings.

Career Panel

Invite industry leaders or Net Impact alumni to speak. Many nonprofit, PR, and design firms are happy to share their knowledge. Search through our past speakers from Net Impact conferences on our website and think about who else in your area could be an interesting panelist.

Video Chats with Industry Leaders

Sometimes it can be hard to get an expert to come to your chapter in person. Try inviting them to a video call. You can project them on a big screen and have your members come prepared with questions or organize a moderator.

Impact Careers Awareness Week Events

Host a week of short, varied events with the theme of helping your peers understand how they can use their careers to make a social and environmental impact.

Career Trek

Ask a local company if you can visit their workspace and learn about what they do. Many companies will be excited about this and be great hosts. Try contacting the recruitment or HR department, or an alum of your chapter/institution.

Teach a Class

Petition to have a class added - or teach one yourself - about careers with impact or a specific aspect of social impact.


Skill Sharing and Social Activites

Cross-major/Cross-discipline Speed Matching

Bring people together for an evening of speed idea-sharing to facilitate team formation. Encourage engineers, businesspeople, programmers, etc. to mingle and talk about potentially related concepts. The goal of this type of program is to bring together people with a variety of backgrounds to tackle a specific challenge around social impact.

Cross-major/Cross-discipline Skill Swap Night

Know someone who really wants to learn a new skill but can’t find time to fit an extra class in their schedule? Hold an event where an expert student teaches their skill to curious people from other departments. After all, they say the best way to learn something is to teach it.

Mentorship Programs

Share knowledge, experience, and resources amongst peers or external groups.

  • Graduates: Match first- and second-year MBA students or graduate and undergraduate students; focus on professional development, job searches, coursework, or life-related challenges.
  • Undergraduates: Reach out to local high schools or youth groups to establish relationships, or work with peers to support each other and build skills.
  • Professionals: Connect leaders and professionals to share insight, networks, and advice; consider setting a required number/length of meetings, and suggest that participants engage together beyond this as well.

Social Impact Dinner

A social impact dinner discussion is a great way to share ideas, discover new perspectives, and build a tight-knit chapter community. Plan and host a community dinner and invite current Chapter members, potential members, faculty and staff, local community members and others to participate in discussions about different topic areas such as: impact investing, international development, sustainability, racial equity, education, climate change, etc over a nice dinner. Develop different discussion prompts to be projected on a screen or have articles printed that participants can read as they eat.

Movie Night

Ask your members about their favorite movies related to impact design and hold a discussion afterward. There are so many films that touch on issues concerning social or environmental impact.

Book Club

Start an optional book club for your members and invite people from other clubs. Pick a book about social or environmental impact and discuss it together.


Design Sprint

Host Your Own

Use our toolkit to help you facilitate a one-day design sprint, leading participants through understanding a problem to brainstorm and prototype solutions. Consider reaching out to companies, nonprofits, or communities near you for assistance. You can run a sprint around a general or campus-specific issue.

Circular Economy Brainstorm

The circular economy is all about designing the system around a product so that its lifecycle is more sustainable from input materials to output. Consider holding a sprint brainstorming ways to make one product’s lifecycle or one system (like the energy system) more sustainable.


Long Projects

Human Centered Design Consulting

Over the course of a semester, go from user research to brainstorming to prototyping and carry the project through to testing and refinement (and implementation if you can manage). Consider local nonprofits, companies, communities, or campus issues to tackle. To create deeper organizational relationships, check out our toolkits.

Hardware for Sustainability or Impact

Think of a project creating hardware that improves campus water consumption, or that helps a physically-challenged person complete an action more easily. Find users that you can safely test your hardware on and aim to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Future Technology

Amazing advancements like the Internet of Things, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and drones are shaping the business landscape and our society, but are they having an impact? As a multi-week project, consider the potential impact applications of one or more of these technologies and prototype their use.

Impact Investing Fund

Invest in socially responsible, sustainable businesses and organizations within your community or globally. You might also create case competitions surrounding impact investing that bring together passionate students and members.

Community Service

Organize a group volunteer outing or event. You can partner with local organizations or other clubs if you are a campus-based chapter.