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The Energy Transition Games

Thank you for your interest but this program is now closed. You can still participate! Take your ideas further with the Future of Energy Challenge, open for submission on November 5.

How could the world’s energy system evolve to provide a better life for all, with a healthy planet? Join the Shell Energy Transition Games at NI17 to explore one of the biggest challenges of the century.

The Shell Energy Transition Games are invite-only sessions designed to immerse participants in the real-world challenges facing our planet as we transition to the future of energy.

At the Games, you will be put in the shoes of a government, consumer, energy provider, NGO, or industry and tasked with keeping the economy alive while making the energy transition.  You will be faced with dilemmas: should you prioritize your short-term individual benefit or invest in common objectives? Will your fellow players enable or defy you? Can you rely on their commitments? 

Benefits of participating

  • Free pass to attend the 2017 Net Impact Conference in Atlanta
  • Ability to attend invite-only Energy Transition Games at NI17, where you’ll meet current and emerging leaders in the energy alternatives sector
  • Ability to participate in all other sessions and events at the conference
  • Apply for a travel stipend
  • Eligible to compete in the Future of Energy Challenge, a year-long competition to design early stage concepts tackling challenges in the future of energy


  • October 15 Deadline to apply to participate in the Games- DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 23 AT 8:00 AM PT
  • October 26-28 Travel to the Net Impact Conference in Atlanta, Georgia 
  • November 5 The Future of Energy Challenge opens for submissions