Marketing and Recruitment

Host an Information Session

Your Chapter’s information session aims to inspire as many people as possible to join your Chapter and help you to understand what potential members want to get out of their experience with your Chapter. Here are some suggested techniques for sparking interest for your Chapter:

  • Consider employing multiple outreach methods to effectively advertise your Net Impact Chapter and attract people to your first information session.
  • Have at least one or two planning meetings in advance with the leadership team to outline the content you want to cover.
  • Try to follow up with all event attendees by collecting contact information and other relevant information like their interest areas.
  • Students: try to learn about the campus schedule for student club fairs and new student orientation(s) so that your Chapter can reserve a booth or speaking slot at those events!

Engage Your Members

  • Once you have your members, you should develop strategies to keep them engaged. Here are a few helpful techniques:
  • Utilize degrees of involvement: build an engagement ladder with varying levels of organizational involvement that allows members to incrementally move upward all the way until they reach Chapter leadership.
  • Go beyond events: provide opportunities for long-term, meaningful involvement through ongoing Net Impact programs
  • Stay relevant: survey your members to get a sense of their interests and unmet needs. Check-ins such as these can help maintain the passion and relationships critical to achieving your Chapter’s goals.
  • Celebrate success: recognize your members publicly in meetings and highlight their projects in newsletters, on your website, or through social media. Fostering a culture of appreciation can help motivate committed members.
  • Develop an alumni network: keep a directory where you track alumni career paths, send alumni newsletters, and invite them to support your Chapter through donations, speaking events, job shadowing, and networking opportunities.
  • Professional Chapter member communications: professional Chapters should set up their own process for Chapter membership communication opt-ins. It’s helpful to send a welcome email once members have signed up with your Chapter including information on membership communications.
  • Keep track of your membership: each Chapter’s leadership team is responsible for managing and updating their individual Chapter membership list.  

Marketing Events

It is important to market all of your Chapter’s programming. Different events will call for different techniques but channels to think about include email, your website, facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Student Chapters should think about their school’s resources and how people on their campus learn about programming.

Social Media

Social media can be a great way to amplify your message using Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. For inspiration, see @NetImpactNYC, @NIBoston, @NetImpactPhilly, Net Impact Boise State, and USC Marshall Net Impact.