Net Impact Fellows are Implementing Action Projects Across the U.S | Net Impact

Net Impact Fellows are Implementing Action Projects Across the U.S

Through the Net Impact Fellowship, students across the country are driving social and environmental impact on campuses and in their local communities.
April 4, 2017

OAKLAND, CA - Last fall, Net Impact invited passionate students across the county to lead a real world action project with the Net Impact Fellowship program. “Net Impact is thrilled to offer the connections, skills, and experiences to support the next generation of change agents through our fellowship program,” says Liz Maw, CEO, Net Impact. 

The Net Impact Fellowship is a leadership development program where outstanding student leaders join a network of peers, receive training, and learn transferable skills while activating around important issues and driving positive impact through an action project. 

“With support from an organization such as Net Impact, I now find it possible to search for opportunities that will support me in carrying out my vision of healthy food accessibility in Chicago,” says Net Impact Fellow, Dejah Powell.

Current fellowship groups include: Criminal Justice, Healthy Food, Impact Design, and Racial Equity. 

The Criminal Justice Fellowship, supported by RFK Human Rights, encourages students to educate their peers on America’s criminal justice system. Criminal Justice Fellow, Christopher Blackett is hosting multiple educational workshops to connect his fellow New York University students with organizations that are involved in prison reform so that his peers can understand how they can directly be involved to make a positive impact.

“Our prison system is already bloated, and severely impacts those most marginalized by society. That, without even proving someone's guilt, we are imprisoning them in places like Riker's, is a huge indictment of us as a society.” - Christopher Blackett

Supported by the Newman's Own Foundation, our passionate Healthy Food Fellows activate around increasing access to healthy food and nutrition education on campuses and in their communities. Sarah Spoto is a student at Simon Business School, University of Rochester and the co-founder of Oasis Foods, a social enterprise that provides affordable pre-prepared, frozen meals through vending machines, gas stations, and grocery stores in New York.

“We talked a lot with folks in the Rochester community about our project as we were developing it, and the problem really resonated with people...seeing people express excitement and hope over our project was what really convinced me this needed to be done,” says Sarah.  

The Impact Design Fellowship gives students the opportunity to be a leader in an emerging field. Lourdes Martinez is a student at Parsons School of Design. She traveled to Cusco, Peru to understand the system dynamics of local businesses.

“It’s clear to me that Peru’s Traditional Textiles have such a great cultural value that they we shouldn’t lose them. However, for this to happen the traditional weavers need help in their business know-how and marketing skills,” explains Lourdes. 

The Net Impact Racial Equity Fellows, sponsored by The Symantec Foundation, continue to challenge racial inequity and bias on their campuses and in their communities. Lara Ferreira is screening a 3-part movie that tells the history of race in America and is organizing a panel of academic and local leaders who can discuss some of the issues brought up in the film, specifically as they relate to education, business, and public policy.

“A deeper understanding of our shared cultural history will enable us to make more thoughtful, ethical, and progressive decisions that benefit us all.” - Lara Ferreira

Applications for the Net Impact Fellowship program are set to reopen Fall 2017.

“Our network is passionate about working to solve the social and environmental challenges facing our country,” said Maw. “We look forward to seeing these emerging leaders address societal challenges in their local communities and hope they will inspire others to join the movement for positive change.”

To meet the 2016-2017 Net Impact Fellows and learn more about the program please visit the Net Impact website.

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