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5 Ways Being Kind Can Help Your Career

Here's five ways that being kind can benefit and advance your career from guest blogger, Maile Proctor.
Here's five ways that being kind can benefit and advance your career from guest blogger, Maile Proctor.

Most job seekers know the important personal characteristics to highlight on a resume: hardworking self-starter, proven leader, the ability to take on multiple projects, etc. There are certain skills and qualities, however, that you may not find on a resume that can actually have a significant impact on your job and professional success. 

While most people don’t include kindness, selflessness, or compassion on their resume, these characteristics play an integral role in your success, no matter your profession. So whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or you want to climb the corporate ladder, here are five ways kindness can help your career. 

1. It Can Help You Get the Job

With so many applicants for any open position, what sets you apart from other qualified candidates? The skills you list on your resume only go so far. Besides your experience and work ethic, hiring managers look for kind, compassionate people who can work well with others.

“In a digital era where so much information is available at your fingertips, technical skills are easy to self-teach, therefore making the competition for jobs very high. In order to narrow the candidate pool, companies are looking for people's soft skills and identifying who will be a culture fit. Kindness is an essential characteristic to provide a cohesive, fluid team and is fundamental to a team's success,” says Gina Ortega, Talent & Culture Manager at TakeLessons.

So while you’re working on personal development and brushing up on Excel or other job-related skills, don’t forget to practice kindness. Science shows that humans are inherently wired to be kind, but just like any other skill, with consistent practice we can develop and increase our capacity for kindness and compassion.

2. It Helps You Work With Others

No matter where you are in your career, you’re going to work with different personalities; co-workers, managers, supervisors, vendors, etc. The truth is, you may not get along with all of these people, but in a professional setting, you need to find a way to be cordial and work as a team.

“You need a team around you, at work, at home, and in your personal and professional development,” says Dustin McKissen Inc.Columnist and Linkedin Top Voice. “And the fastest way to get someone on your team is to do something kind for them. And not only is kindness a good way to get people on your team, it’s also a show of strength and leadership that inspires others.” 

3. It Can Make Your Work More Enjoyable

Full-time employees spend 40 hours a week at their jobs, and some managers and business owners spend even more time working each week. When we log so many hours, even the most dedicated employees can get burnt out. Work stress is inevitable, but you can make an effort to make office life more comfortable and enjoyable. 

“These traits are important in any type of job, but especially in the startup community,” says Amy Johnson, Director of Employee Affairs at TaskUs. “When the company is small and close-knit and the hours are long, humor and positivity are almost equally as important as other job competencies.” 

4. Who You Know Still Outweighs What You Know

You’ve probably heard this from parents, professors or mentors, but when it comes to career success, it’s all about who you know. When you’re trying to work your way up in your field or take on a greater role, a positive referral from a well-respected professional can make a big difference. “Diverse relationships open up possibilities and opportunities. People help people they know and trust,” writes Dr. Nate Regier from the balance.

Of course, this doesn't mean be overly nice or fake; people can see right through that. You need to be genuine and put in the effort to get along with others. People don’t just care about your ability to do the job, they’re also interested in your integrity. 

5. People Will Want to Work With You

Whether you’re an employee or a manager, the way you treat others can directly affect their performance. When you’re kind and show that you care about your co-workers or your team, it will motivate them to want to work hard for you. 

According to career coach Charlotte-Ashley Roberts, “Being kind to others helps build rapport, in turn, building strong relationships which greatly increases your chances of creating a successful career for yourself.” You don’t have to be best friends with everyone you work with, but you can still develop real, solid connections with coworkers and teammates; praise co-workers for a job well done, encourage teammates when they feel discouraged, and share a laugh or a smile to brighten someone’s day.

So remember, don’t forget to develop your personal skills along with your professional ones. No matter where you want to go in your career or what you hope to achieve in life, kindness is an essential component that can help you get there, and make the journey more fun and memorable.

How has kindness helped in your career? Let us know in the comments below. 

Maile Proctor is a content editor and blogger. She writes on health and fitness, lifestyle and family, how- to and money-saving tips, and more. She earned her Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from Chapman University. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking and finding new fitness activities.

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