Chapter Spotlight: ESMT Berlin

By: Net Impact ESMT Berlin Chapter | June 7, 2018

Every month, Chapter Spotlight highlights one Chapter in our network doing great work in their corner of the world. This month we will hear from our first Chapter in Germany - Net Impact ESMT Berlin. 

The ESMT Berlin chapter has just started but is going strong! The Chapter is currently planning a mega launch event and details will be released soon. In the meantime,however, they are constantly working to increase their network in Germany and learn from every opportunity. Recenty, they were invited to be a part of the Sustainable Business Roundtable which is a coveted invite-only platform. The Roundtable is a peer-to-peer learning network with companies such as Adidas, E.ON, Enel, Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonald's, Siemens, and Unilever among many others. The Sustainable Business Roundtable is an initiative of the Center for Sustainable Business at ESMT Berlin, held twice a year, and is headed by Prof. C. B. Bhattacharya

At the conference, the Chapter members introduced themselves to some of the top officials and experts from member companies, learned from speakers from companies such as Tchibo, Adidas, Enel, Volkswagen, and Forum for the Future. Chapter Leader Nikhil Bajpai said "It was an enriching experience getting to know about Adidas’s “Parley for the Ocean” concept, Enel’s “Open Innovability” challenge, Tchibo’s “WE” program and Forum of the Future’s valuable advice on how Sustainability is a process to create long-term value."

The Chapter's focus right now is climate change, waste management, and the effects those two have on the ecosystem around all of us. Net Impact at ESMT Berlin is currently inviting companies for collaboration on projects, internship opportunities for its members, and more. Bajpai says Chapter members are "...committed towards the cause of Sustainability and leave no stone unturned when it comes to what they believe in – a positive change in how business is conducted today and solutionsto the most pressing matters around the globe." 

Interested in collaborating with this Chapter? Feel free to get in touch with the ESMT Berlin Chapter at


Net Impact ESMT Berlin Chapter

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