Chapter Spotlight: How Net Impact allows sustainability-focused students to “do more” at Texas Tech University

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The Sustainability Communicators at Texas Tech University (TTU) are committed to changing how their community thinks of sustainability. This Chapter is led by Darin Williams, Shayla Corprew, and Luke Morgan, all graduate students in TTU's Department of English, who came together because of their shared interest in environmental stewardship and social activism. Below, the founding members provide insight into their passions and how Net Impact assists them and their campus in achieving impact-focused pursuits.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Darin: "Recently, my perspective on sustainability has changed from the traditional 'triple bottom line' model to the sustainability COG WHEEL, shown here. This model enables capacity-building through proactive business strategy and provides a framework for driving social well-being with phased organizational maturity. The cycle of capacity building, innovation and change management are initiated with leadership commitment. I plan to provide that leadership in all of my endeavors."

Luke: "Sustainability to me means equity. It means accepting our place as part of local and planetary ecosystems and working actively in our social, political, and especially cultural institutions to change how we live."

What led you to wanting to work with Net Impact?

Darin: "As a student, teacher, and professional, it's difficult to find the time to plan, develop, and execute impactful activities. Net Impact provides more 'off the shelf' activities than any organization I've ever been involved with. They also provide incredible support from the central administration team for Chapter Leaders. Involvement with Net Impact ensures that we can do more on-campus."

Shayla: "Net Impact immediately grabbed my interest due to the interdisciplinary approach to solving sustainability-related issues in a tangible way. My work as a technical communication scholar is focused on implementing practical methods of effective communication - Net Impact complements this work well."

What are you most looking forward to in working with the Net Impact community this upcoming academic year?

Shayla: "I am very excited about hosting webinars, panel discussions, and workshops that incorporate each of my founding members' interests, while engaging the TTU community. I also hope to expand our focus to the greater Lubbock community, if not all of West Texas." 

Luke: "I hope that by working with Net Impact, we can broaden the scope of our conversations and connect with other advocates in the Texas Tech and Lubbock community. While I value conversations with my faculty and colleauges, I want to make discussions of sustainability mainstream amidst a wide variety of stakeholders in our community. I think creating informal, exploration-driven spaces for discussion and fellowship can help accomplish that, and Net Impact offers resources to help us do that."

Looking to connect with the TTU Chapter? Visit the Chapter's profile page here to get in tocuh and see other impact initiatives they have planned this upcoming year!

Shayla Corprew - Chapter Leader and Kendall Comstock - Chapter Expansion Fellow

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