Chapters of the Year Interview Series: New York Professional

By: Net Impact staff | December 7, 2017

In this special blog series, we are interviewing our Net Impact Chapter of the Year winners to learn more about their chapters, plans for next year, and advice to others looking to make an impact.

Leading impact in the big apple; our New York Professional Net Impact Chapter is our 2017 Chapter of the Year Award winner. We interviewed Kelsey Overby on her Chapter's amazing year and her advice for emerging change agents:  

What accomplishments are you most proud of during your Chapter’s past year?

We launched two new major events this year - our Social Innovation Hack and our Net Impact NYC Summit. Both engaged and empowered professionals interested in deepening their own social impact and provided an engagement platform for local nonprofits and social enterprises. Second, we continued to refine and improve our Service Corps program experience, which matches more than 200 Net Impact NYC members with local social impact organizations to complete 12-week pro bono consulting projects.

Why did you first decide to join your Net Impact Chapter?

I was introduced to the organization in 2014 by a friend who recruited me to speak at a Net Impact NYC event and was inspired by the community and experience. It was motivating to meet so many interesting and dynamic people who cared about the same things I do.

What is the best lesson you have learned from your Net Impact Chapter?

A lot of people want to contribute positively to their communities and to the world – they just don’t necessarily know how. By helping them navigate the different options and pathways, you can help unlock their potential and empower them to be a force for good.

What advice would you give to someone who knows they want to make an impact, but is not sure where to start?

Start by learning about the impact your everyday decisions have on the world and make a conscious decision to live your values. I talk to a lot of people who think they need to make a career change to drive real impact and that’s not necessarily the case. Small changes in behavior can accumulate to a massive amount of impact over time. Buy clothes from companies that pay living wages. Eat less red meat. Invest in ethical companies. There are so many ways to positively influence the world. Then, when you want to dive in deeper, make the jump. Just make sure you’re making thoughtful and informed decisions along the way. 

What inspires you?

People with the courage to do what’s right, especially when it’s hard.


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