Climate Change - A glimmer of hope from the new administration?

By: Catherine Muriel | December 7, 2016

Can Vice President Gore and President-elect Trump find common ground when it comes to climate change?
Can Vice President Gore and President-elect Trump find common ground when it comes to climate change?

When Donald J Trump became President-elect many Americans, and as many people outside of America, pondered (and worried) about the Paris Agreement and the U.S.’s role in climate change policy moving forward, in light of Trump’s comments on Twitter stating that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”.  He also called climate change “a hoax”.

At the Net Impact 2016 Conference, many of the young people in attendance said of all the areas of concern there was nothing more pressing than climate change.  Yes there are critical issues facing us including social justice, health care, woman’s rights, feeding 9 billion, and the list goes on – but many agree that climate change is one of the greatest threats facing the planet and inaction is not an option.

But then something strange happened on the way to the White House.  Ivanka Trump met with Leonardo DiCaprio and with Al Gore, former vice president and star of An Inconvenient Truth. Leonardo gave Ivanka a copy of his climate change documentary – Before The Flood – staring Barak Obama, Elon Musk, and Pope Francis amongst others.  In the meeting with Al Gore and Ivanka, one can assume that she persuaded her father to meet with Mr. Gore in order to open his mind, or at least find some common areas of concern, that they could agree upon.  

This is a positive shift from where we thought we would be.  Dialogue is critical and Mr. Trump can decide whether his presidency will be defined by “denial and disaster, or acceptance and action” as stated by a letter from 700 scientists and academics being sent to the President-elect this week.  If his children can push environmental conservation issues we have a glimmer of hope: we know he listens to his children, especially Ivanka. Let’s hope that her role in this next administration will place emphasis on energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions.  

Catherine Muriel is the CMO of Net Impact.


What scares me is the fact that "climate change" is being blamed for literally every extreme or even unusual weather event we are now experiencing, as though such events never happened before. And, of course, by "climate change" anthropogenic climate change is automatically implied -- as though rises in global temperatures never occurred in the past due to natural forces.

What's especially disturbing is the pattern that's being set. If the world continues to warm, then any and all extreme events will be blamed on human-caused climate change, regardless of any possible natural cause. And if things settle down, temperatures stop rising and extreme events become more rare, that won't change anything, because the "scientists" will continue to assure us that this is just "noise" -- only a temporary respite before the awful effects of "climate change" resume -- with renewed force, naturally.

The so-called "science" of climate change, which so many now "believe in" so naively, will never be falsified because no matter what actually happens, some reason will be found to explain it away as consistent with the "consensus" view. Just as the epicycles of the Ptolemaic, Earth-centered, view of the universe were continually adjusted --until real scientists such as Copernicus, Kepler and Newton came along.

A theory that cannot be falsified is not a scientific theory. And no, a test based on what's going to happen in 50 years or more is NOT a valid scientific test. No one -- NO ONE -- knows what's going to happen that far down the line. And when the time comes no one is going to care.

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Catherine Muriel