Day 3 of the 2017 Toyota Next Generation Mobility Challenge Boot Camp

By: Net Impact staff | April 9, 2017

On the last day of the Toyota Next Generation Mobility Challenge Boot Camp each finalist team presented the newest edition of their idea. The presentations showed the results of the hard work each student put in as well as the expert input they received over the weekend from the Toyota team and IXL Center facilitators.

After their presentations, the teams were challenged to put together a 90-day action plan get their ideas to a viable point. Each student was also asked not only what they could do over time to make their idea a reality, but what their first step would be on Monday morning. Each student gave themselves a tangible task including user research, competitive analysis, and design prototyping. All parties left Texas inspired for the next leg of the innovation journey.

When asked about a favorite part of the weekend, each student had a different answer but there was a common thread of communication, learning and iterating throughout all their responses. One student said that during the Boot Camp he was reminded of what makes a great meeting – a worthwhile question (in this case, solving mobility issues for vulnerable populations) and emotion and passion. Each student, facilitator and advisor brought plenty of emotion and passion to the Boot Camp and this will definitely be reflected in the final presentations and proposals.

Interested in keeping up with the #nextgenmobility challenge? Each finalist team will create a video explaining their idea. Sign up here to be notified when voting opens – help your favorite idea become a reality!


Functioning with the Toyota Mobility establishment permit us to bring to life the secure link between business modernization and creating social good.

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One understudy said that amid the Boot Camp he was helped to remember what makes an awesome meeting a beneficial inquiry (for this situation, tackling versatility issues for defenseless populaces) and feeling and energy. Peter Fonda Easy Rider Jacket

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