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Good News About Millennials and the National Debt

Did you know the national debt currently stands at $18 trillion? Or that in 20 years the social security fund is projected to be depleted? Or that there are roughly $1 trillion worth of student loans right now? So what’s the good news, you may ask? Well, more than 200 inspired and innovative student leaders are currently working to raise awareness on more than 40 campuses about this issue through a program called Up to Us.

The students receive leadership training to run effective and fun campaigns, demonstrating to their representatives that Millennials do care about their fiscal futures. Intrigued? You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter to see how the competition is going, and you can sign a pledge on Facebook showing that you care about this important issue as well. The competition launches on January 26 and runs for four weeks. The winning team will receive $10,000 and will be recognized on stage by President Clinton at CGI U this March.

Here’s a snapshot of the incredible students who are working hard to advocate for tangible solutions:

  1. Our teams represent over 20 states spread across all regions of the country.
  2. Most of our teams will be putting on speaker, debate, and discussion events, bringing together a variety of people to talk about bipartisan solutions. Check out the amazing TED talk speaker one team has lined up.
  3. Not only do our students represent over 20 states, they also hail from countries all including Pakistan, China, and the U.K.
  4. Our team leaders are incredible dancers.
  5. The students involved are committed to making their voices heard to create positive social change in society. Josuel Plasencia, the Up to Us team leader at Babson, said: “I believe that if more people joined movements like Up to Us, we would see a different America.”

Inspiring, right?

-Follow Up to Us on Facebook and Twitter.

-Take the My Two Cents Day Facebook Pledge.