Inspiring the Next Generation of Changemakers

The Net Impact Conference attracts professionals and students alike, all connected around the same motivation, to pursue purpose-driven careers and make a meaningful impact on the world. And while this marks my second year attending the Conference, Campbell has been involved in Net Impact and has supported the annual conference for ten years. Our participation in this event is simple - we want to inspire the next generation of changemakers.

This year, we gathered in Phoenix, and the energy was electric. Over 1,500 people craving to learn more about how to build purposeful careers; willing to push the boundaries to create a world that they know is possible. But there was something different about this year’s lineup of speakers. They were not the big names we often expect to see at one of the largest sustainability gatherings in the country. Instead, the keynote speakers and many of the breakout sessions pushed the boundaries by delving into topics like gang violence, universal basic income, and hyperlocal community building, and offered real solutions to some of the systemic societal challenges we are facing today. 

Attendees left inspired from the deeply personal and impactful stories that were shared during the conference. Campbell was invited to share its story as well through three engagements: a workshop on strategic corporate citizenship, a panel on building a career in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a booth at the Networking Expo, enabling us to interact with hundreds of participants at the conference. 

What I find to be most valuable is the opportunity to both connect with and learn from peers and also mentor those just entering the field. Each is working to navigate their individual path to purpose and Net Impact offers a valuable network to help support that exploration. And as I continue to connect with those I’ve met at the conference this year, I realize how Campbell’s values align to the values of this next generation of leaders. They truly embody the mindset of: Do Right and Be Real, Seek the Power of Different, Dare to Disrupt and Own it Like a Founder, and I am confident that this will create transformational shifts in corporate culture and corporate consciousness. 



Megan Maltenfort - Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Campbell Soup Company

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