Jump start your job search this holiday season

By: Net Impact staff | December 20, 2016

Five tips to help you get a jump start on your holiday job search
Five tips to help you get a jump start on your holiday job search

While it’s tempting to take a break from job searching during the holidays, it’s actually beneficial for you to continue your job search momentum. The holidays provide some distinct advantages and special opportunities for proactive job seekers. Furthermore, the new year also brings new budgets and new opportunities for many companies, which means January and February are big months for hiring. 

Here’s your job search checklist for the holidays:

Network over eggnog

During the holidays your inbox is filled with invitations to social events that provide perfect opportunities to network. Pick the brains of family and friends who have jobs or career paths that interest you.

Spruce up your resume

New year, new you, new resume! Head into the new year with an updated resume and profile on LinkedIn and ensure both are up to date and reflect the experience you need for the job you want.

Spread the cheer through volunteering

Organizations often ramp up their philanthropic activities during the holidays and volunteering can be a great way to network, gain skills, and fill the gap that unemployment might otherwise leave on your resume.

Consider temporary positions

Many companies have end-of-year deadlines - at the same time that many workers want to take vacation time - so they look to staffing agencies to fill gaps. A temporary job can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a new company and add experience to your resume.

Relax and reboot 

Use the holidays to reflect on both the successes and failures in your job search thus far, and work on developing a strategy to kick-start the new year.

Tis’ the season for a new job, good luck! 

Net Impact staff

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