Magic Bus: Dignified Transport for Urban Slums

By: Net Impact staff | August 19, 2016

Team Magic Bus - Net Impact members from Earlham College
Team Magic Bus - Net Impact members from Earlham College

Four Net Impact members from our chapter at Earlham College have reached the 2016 Hult Prize Finals for their idea to improve bus transport in emerging markets.

Team "Magic Bus" - Iman Cooper, Sonia Kabra, Leslie Ossete and Wyclife Omondi were selected out of 25,000 applicants for their offline app that commuters can use to book public bus tickets.  Their pilot will take place in Nairobi, Kenya and will measure impact, before the finals at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in September.

Learn more about the transport problem and how Magic Bus is trying to address it in the below video:

Team Magic Bus believes they have a great chance of winning the $1 Million Hult Prize this November and if you think so too, feel free to check out their crowd funding page on Indiegogo.  They will use the funds to build on their beta testing, expanding their service from 5 buses to 20.

Named as one of the top five ideas changing the world by former President Bill Clinton and TIME Magazine, the annual competition for the Hult Prize aims to create and launch the most compelling social business ideas—start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people.  Interested in the Hult Prize? Join us at the 2016 Net Impact Conference where Hult Prize Foundation CEO, Ahmad Ashkar will keynote.


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