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Purpose and the Big Picture: The How-To Guide to Defining your Purpose

Find Your Purpose and Make an Impact with 3M
Find Your Purpose and Make an Impact with 3M

3M is working to improve lives through purpose-driven business; learn more, get inspired, and make connections at their workshop and Expo booth at 2016 Net Impact Conference, Nov 3-5 in Philadelphia.

At 3M, our Sustainability platform and strategy is built on the concept of purpose. We call it our Every Life Ambition, and to us it means improving our business, our planet, and every life. 

At the core of purpose is who you are.  Who you want to be. And what you want to do.  At 3M we like to imagine a world where every life is improved – where natural resources are reliably available, people have access to education and opportunity, and communities are safe, healthy, connected and thriving. 

We define purpose as collaboration, innovation, and empowering individuals.  We’ve always been a company that solves our customers’ challenges, and a company that empowers employees to address the issues they want to impact. Using those same processes and passions to address shared global challenges, in partnership with civil society, communities, and our customers, is a new and exciting path forward for us. And one that brings value to both society, as well as our business.

We know we cannot solve these problems alone.  By 2050, the earth is expected to be home to 9 billion people.  This number poses some big challenges, and will require some big solutions.  

So the question is, where do you fit? How do you define your purpose? 

Defining your purpose is not easy.  We get that.  But key to collaborating towards big solutions is purpose-driven business.  That requires individuals empowered and inspired by their purpose, pushing for new and creative ideas.  

We think you define your purpose by: 

●    Identifying your strengths, values, and passions.

●    Creating shared value.

●    Being your authentic self.  

At 3M we are working to spread the message of purpose-driven business.  We encourage our employees to have a childlike curiosity.  To explore the limitless boundaries of science and to uncover new ways to solve challenges.  

The bottom line? A strong sense of purpose is good for business and for the big picture.

To learn more about defining your purpose, and how 3M is #improvinglives please visit our workshop Saturday, Nov. 5th at 11:00am and visit our Expo booth.