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Resources to Explore Impact Investing

Net Impact has the resources you need to learn more about Impact Investing.
Net Impact has the resources you need to learn more about Impact Investing.

Everyone wants to have a positive impact on the world and often people choose to make a difference through their careers. Whether you’re an undergraduate planning your future or you're simply looking for that next big career move, Net Impact is your resource to explore careers with impact.

One of the careers we are most excited about is impact investing; an investment approach with the intention to generate financial returns alongside measurable, positive social and/or environmental impact. Net Impact has two ways you can get involved with impact investing and so many resources to set you on your career path:

1. Impact Investing Portal

Net Impact, supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, created an impact investing portal with the resources you need to learn more about the field, the opportunity to watch videos from practicing experts, and the ability to chart your own career path.

The portal covers the fundamentals, such as the impact investing spectrum, sectors, and challenges in the field. The career guide lets you match your skills, preps you for interviews, and even gives you a list of graduate schools for impact investing. Informational videos allow you to hear from industry leaders including; Lauren Booker Allen, Senior Manager, Impact Investing at Omidyar Network and Dave Chen, Adjunct professor at the Kellogg School of Management. Finally with all your knowledge on the field you can head over to our jobs board and look for openings.

The career portal is your online classroom for impact investing, see if the field is right for you.  View the video with Dave Chen below:

2. 2016 Net Impact Conference

Now that you have learned the fundamentals from our impact investing portal, you can engage with industry leaders, gain skills in workshops, and network with other like-minded peers at the 2016 Net Impact Conference. We have packed NI16 with supportive programming for those aspiring a career in impact investing.

Here’s two examples:

Green Money: Crafting an Instrument To Invest With Impact with Dave Chen

Yes, the same Dave Chen from our impact investing portal (and the video above) is also speaking at the 2016 Net Impact Conference. In this workshop, experts will share where to start when crafting financial mechanisms specifically designed for institutional impact investing, and attendees will walk away with the knowledge to craft investment instruments that make a lasting impact.

Impact Investing: Leaders Pushing for Definition and Direction

How are key players defining impact investing and forecasting what’s next? The emergence of impact investing into the social sector spotlight has led to much debate over its categorization and purpose. Is it new or old, solution-focused or return-focused, the next venture capital, or something entirely different? Veteran impact investors and venture capitalists convene on this panel to bring definition and direction to the field of impact investing.