Stay Invested, Stay Inspired, Stay Involved

By: Net Impact staff | November 17, 2016

The 2016 Net Impact Conference convened over 2,400 students and professionals who are passionate about changing the world. The conference activated this movement of change agents by providing three days of inspiration, connection, and impact. Now that the conference is over, it is up to us to keep the conference spirit alive.

Recent events have shown a divided nation, but collectively we can inspire and drive social and environmental impact. We just have to stay strong, stay inspired, and stay energized for the future.

Here’s how.

1. Follow up with your 2016 Net Impact Conference connections

Did you meet someone who you had a great conversation with, someone who inspired you, or someone you thought you could learn from? Reach out and thank them. You always want to keep your network engaged so you can continue to learn and find inspiration from them. 

2. Stay involved with Net Impact

Net Impact turns passion into action and we have many ways for you to stay involved. You can become a member, join a local chapter, participate in a leadership program, or attend a local event. Let the 2016 Net Impact Conference be your launching pad and keep the momentum going for even greater impact. 

3. Sign up for updates for our 2017 Net Impact Conference in Atlanta, GA

It’s never too early to plan for impact. At the 2017 Net Impact Conference you will network with like-minded people, meet recruiters, build skills, and find your career with impact in Atlanta. Every year our conference is more than an event, it's a movement for those who want to change the world. 

4. Make a difference in your community

Put your inspiration and passion for change into action by making a difference in your community. For ideas, check out our blog on how to have a positive impact this fall. One example is donating old coats and blankets to a homeless shelter, this small act could save a life for someone in need.

5. Inspire others

Recent events may have your friends and family feeling confused, sad, or even scared. You can be their inspiration to take their desire for change and put it to action. Take the lessons you learned, stories you heard, and inspiration you discovered from the 2016 Net Impact Conference and inspire your own network to have a positive impact on the world. 

So the 2016 Net Impact Conference may be over, but you can make sure the impact is just beginning. 


What wonderful stories in "Inspired Life" this week. Thank you. People like these getting out there and doing what they can to change things and help others instead of getting lost in the often-hateful rhetoric of politics. I think I'll even write my thesis on them for the sociology class. I hope you can report back with some other inspirational stories.

Net Impact staff