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stok Part 4: Pods with a Purpose

Part 4 of our 4-part blog series featuring stok, a company with a unique plan for innovation
Part 4 of our 4-part blog series featuring stok, a company with a unique plan for innovation

As you’ve learned from our 4-part blog series, stok is an exceptionally innovative company. It’s not unique for the social and environmental impact created in its work alone, but also for how it infuses its values into every aspect of the company.

stok's spirit animal

stok describes its team as a family, and the subgroups they divide into as “pods.” Orcas are stok’s spirit animal, representing the values of the organization through their characteristic desire to mentor and collaborate with fellow pod members.

The stok family is filled with passionate individuals that aim to drive innovative social and environmental change through collaboration and mentorship. For example, stok’s team members were not willing to invest in the standard 401(k) originally offered by the company. When the company asked its retirement plan advisors for a fossil fuel-free 401(k) option, it was told it would have to take its business elsewhere. Determined to offer a socially and environmentally responsible investing option, stok partnered with HIP Investor to rate all the funds the plan offered and screen out anything with fossil fuel investments. Now team members can sign up for a 401(k) knowing their investments aren’t destroying the world they’re actively working to protect. The plan’s 100% participation rate gives you an idea of how it’s working out for the company.

Work as play

stok’s vision states, “When our partners are the world’s most impactful leaders in environmental and social justice, and our team members view work as play, we will know that we have reached our destination.” stok actively pursues the “work as play” mentality, always encouraging the blending of love, life, work, and play. Employees are allowed the flexibility to work from home, switch desks within the office, and even bring their dogs to work. stok employees have transparent and equitable salaries, no official titles, are offered paid maternity and paternity leave, and are financially supported in continuing their education.

stok’s core values of autonomy, equity, grit, sincerity, nature, authenticity, and empathy fully describe the stok family and their work, and we can all find inspiration in the example they set through the community they foster. Some of stok’s members are even part of our community here at Net Impact. After becoming involved through their universities or previous employment, stok employees continue to engage with Net Impact through local events such as NIx in San Francisco last summer.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about stok and found inspiration in its pursuit of social and environmental impact. So next time you look out at a city skyline, try seeing it the way stok does: full of opportunities for impact.

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