Tackling Diversity and Inclusion at the 2017 Net Impact Conference

By: Net Impact staff | October 24, 2017

Just one day until the 2017 Net Impact Conference (NI17) kicks off! On this collaborative journey, we will discuss important topics and issues facing generations today - including climate change, social impact, as well as diversity and inclusion. NI17 will open conversations on how to address racial equity and inclusiveness in your environments and what advantages they’ll bring to your teams: 

Purpose in Action with Keynote Derreck Kayongo 

Derreck Kayongo is the CEO for the Center for Civil and Human Rights. He has led an inspiring Path to Purpose; Kayongo was born in Kampala, Uganda just before General Idi Amin Dada, now one of history’s most notorious dictators, seized power in a military coup. As violence spread through the country and civil war erupted, Kayongo and his family became refugees in Kenya. He later immigrated to America to attend university. He is a known for his expertise in environmental sustainability as well as  global health and was a 2011 CNN Hero. We are excited to hear how he has dedicated his life to fighting for human rights. 

 Boot Camp: Owning Your Power and Privilege to Work for Racial Equity

In this professional development boot camp, we will breakdown personal, intrapersonal, institutional and systemic racism. You will discuss what we can do to disassemble systems of oppression and how systems of power and privilege manifest in impact-focused work. You’ll leave this session feeling empowered and with a personal action plan to advance racial equity as you move forward in your experiences. 

Unlocking Success through Diversity and Inclusion

How to approach inclusion? - that is the question in this session deisgned to help individuals and organizations grow and thrive. From this session you will walk away with a stronger understanding of why diversity and inclusive networks is a must-have competitive advantage.

The Role of Business in Championing Racial Equity

What does it mean to acknowledge racial inequity and how to take meaningful actions to address it? Often Nonprofits, activists, and governments are the first to address these issues, but there are some segments in the business community tackling these tough questions. Hear from private sector leaders who don’t just simply respond to creating and supporting movements towards racial equity, they go beyond it!

The 2017 Net Impact Conference brings together leaders that vary in background, experiences, and skills. So while you’re in Atlanta, take advantage - get out there and make connections!  You never know what collaborations, ideas, and innovations might come about on your Path to Purpose.

Net Impact staff