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Top Impact Tweets from the Summer

As Net Impact's social media manager, part of my day-to-day includes keeping a finger of the pulse of, well, you. Our members come to us for a number of different resources: our job board, tips on making an impact in their career, and inspiration to change the world, to name a few.

Given this broad spectrum, it comes as no surprise to me that our top five tweets from the summer so far come from a wide range of topics, from startup collaborations to sustainable development.

Tweet #1:

Great interview w/ Paul Polman @Unilever CEO about #sustainable development: Can’t wait for him to join us at #NI14!

Why we tweeted it: In this interview, Paul speaks about Unilever’s work with the Rainforest Alliance to source its own products sustainably and how the scale of Unilever has paved the way for other companies and supply chains to change their systems, too.

Tweet #2:   

.@Mashable infographic shows growing trend of people willing to pay more for goods from socially responsible orgs

Why we tweeted it: According to Nielsen’s latest global corporate social responsibility survey, 55% of respondents said they’d pay more for products from companies committed to making a positive impact, especially in the Asian-Pacific region.

Tweet #3:

“Having a Mission is Good for the World and Good for Business” says @WarbyParker co-founder: #CSR

Why we tweeted it: Neil Blumenthal talks about working with WarbyParker’s partner, VisionSpring, a nonprofit that trains men and women in the developing world to perform eye exams and sell eyeglasses, and how their missions help recruit and retain top talent.

Tweet #4:

How can social entrepreneurs have the most impact? Lead collaborations, not just organizations. via @BloombergNews

Why we tweeted it: Tomorrow’s social-focused entrepreneurs should aim to become “leaders of teams of teams,” says Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka, citing how cancer research center directors share knowledge between labs.

Tweet #5

“We want to see constant innovation” // Incubator @beespace infuses #startup models into #nonprofit operations

Why we tweeted it: Taking a lesson from startups, Beespace gives nonprofits a chance to build their teams and implement their ideas with the use of the incubator’s co-working space, mentorship opportunities, and seminars.

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