We are Designing our NI17 Program for You!

By: Net Impact staff | August 4, 2017

Here’s everything you can expect from the 2017 Net Impact Conference.
Here’s everything you can expect from the 2017 Net Impact Conference.

Whether you are passionate about protecting the environment, reversing climate change, reimaging food systems, investing for impact, fighting for equity and social justice - or anything in between - the 2017 Net Impact Conference is for you! 

Our specially crafted program is designed to take your passions and turn them into a tangible career. You can discover jobs in corporate responsibility, explore the details of nonprofit work, or gain new insights into starting your own social enterprise. Through panels, workshops, and networking opportunities you will also build connections with impact leaders who can offer support and guidance as you continue on your career path. 

Some of these impact leaders include Abe Taleb, CEO of ReWork, Rohit Malhotra, Founder and Executive Director for the Center for Civic Innovation, and Jessica Fleuti, Curator, Skoll Convenings for the Skoll Foundation.  For those interested in food systems, hear from Dave Stangis, the Vice President for Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at Campbell Soup Company. Are you looking for a career in impact investing? Then connect with NI17 speaker Rehana Nathoo, the Vice President of Social Innovation and Impact Investing for the Case Foundation. Perhaps you are passionate about fighting for equity and social justice? A workshop with Racy Conversations founder Karen Fleshman could be the event for you. 

Each day of our event will equip you with the tangible skills to land your dream job with purpose.  We will have recruiters on site or you can take your portfolio of new experiences and connections with you as you pursue future career opportunities. 

Register for the 2017 Net Impact Conference to accelerate your impact career while staying on top of the latest trends in social and environmental change and having fun with your passionate and engaged peers in vibrant Atlanta. While we continue to work hard to refine the details, we hope you enjoyed this snapshot of what you can expect from our incredible conference program this year.


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