About Climate Disruptors

In Spring 2016, we launched Climate Disruptors to help employees identify teams and collaborators to make a real impact on fighting climate change and gain recognition for their amazing work

Net Impact shared weekly resources – from fun toolkits to interactive webinars – to help the Climate Disruptor cohort identify a project and build a team. 

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Submissions were evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges and impact leaders:

  • Liz Maw, CEO, Net Impact
  • Tom Cleves, VP of Global Citizenship, International Paper
  • Peter Zahn, President, Moxie Foundation

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The Climate Disruptors program was for all professionals. Full or part-time employees in organizations of 10 or more were eligible to participate, and the challenge was open globally to any sector. 

We believe change isn't limited to those with CSR in their title, so teams should aim to include employees from outside the sustainability or corporate citizenship departments.

Program Details

The challenge opened on April 22, 2016 (Earth Day) and closed on September 9, 2016. Teams’ work took place at some point within this time period. Our judging panel recognized both new projects that launched after April 22, as well as existing efforts that were underway before the challenge was announced.

Our judging panel scored solutions in the following three areas:

  • Climate change impact: How does the solution create a climate change impact both over project duration and long-term potential?
  • Team composition: Did the team engage members from different departments – and not just sustainability or corporate responsibility functions?
  • Stakeholder buy-in: Does the solution receive support from decision-makers or influencers?


Climate Disruptor Resources

Stage 1: Defining Your Project

  • Acting on Climate: The Road to Paris and The Road Ahead // A virtual panel with the Climate Reality Project that illustrates more about the COP21 agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions signed in Paris this past fall. Listen and be inspired to take action in your own way.

  • Impact at Work Toolkit // This toolkit makes launching a program as digestible as possible: how can you brainstorm possible projects, build a team, and communicate impact? Download, print it out, and we'll help you break it down. 

  • The Complete Guide to Social Intrapreneurship // This compilation of resources will help you understand what social intrapreneurism is, how it started, and why you should launch your own project for change.

  • 3 Soft Skills Every Sustainability Leader Needs // Excelling in sustainability requires a science background and technical skills, right? Here are three soft skills every sustainability leader needs.

Stage 2: Building a Team

  • Teammate Recruitment Template // Straight from the hands of one of our Climate Disruptors competitors, this email and social recruiting template can you help spread the word internally at your company to build a team.

  • Lessons for Leading a Sustainability Team to Triumph // Think you need a rule book for sustainability success? Former Impact at Work Challenge winner Asheen Phansey shares his top tips for finding allies and getting your intrapreneurship project off the ground. 

Stage 3: Executing a Project

  • Facilitating Behavior Change for Climate Impact // In this Net Impact webinar, strategy consultant Matt Biggar shares his research and best practices on how to effectively launch a behavior change campaign at work that can move the needle on climate emissions. 

  • Get Inspired by Anna, College Student & Intrapreneur // What can professional intrapreneurs learn from college students? We think a lot. Learn how one student spearheaded sustainability in campus athletics by leveraging her unique role as student and field hockey captain.

  • Carbon Calculator // Baffled by the number of carbon calculators out there? We recommend this one, for both business and individual uses.

Stage 4: Communicating Your Impact

Special thanks to the Moxie Foundation and bobble for their support of this project.