Video: Good Work: Designing a Career for a Just and Sustainable World | Net Impact

Session 1: Impacting Change at Work: How You Can Make a Difference

In this opening session, we got an overview of the latest trends in the changing landscape of social impact and sustainability roles and jobs with key insights from Ellen Weinreb and Mohan Sivaloganathan.


  • Mohan Sivaloganathan, Net Impact Board Member and CEO, Our Turn
  • Ellen Weinreb, Managing Director, Weinreb Group Sustainability Recruiting, and CEO and President, Ellen Weinreb CSR Consulting

Session 2: A Day in the Life: The Work “Flow” of Social Impact Professionals

Explore the career journeys and day-to-day roles of three different professionals from the philanthropic, corporate, and nonprofit sectors who are all working on the increasingly important issues of water stewardship and forest conservation.


  • Paul Wolfe, Walton Family Foundation, Program Officer, Environmental Program
  • Matt Inbusch, International Paper Company, Manager, Natural Capital Stewardship
  • Lisa Lord, Longleaf Alliance, Conservation Program Director

Session 3: Communicating the Path to Net Zero

Through this session, E2's Chapter Director engaged sustainability leaders from Shell and AT&T to illuminate their strategic vision and what these individuals are doing within their roles to influence policy in order to achieve their goal of becoming carbon neutral.


  • Erik Wohlgemuth, Future 500, COO; E2, Chapter Leader, Pacific Northwest Chapter
  • Shannon Carroll, AT&T Corporate External Affairs, Director of Global Environmental Sustainability
  • Akilah Leblanc, Shell, Regional Manager U.S. New Energies Research and Technology

Session 4: Creating Impact and Influence: The Future of Learning and Work

In this fireside chat, the speakers shared their insights and experiences on continually upskilling themselves to bring value to their field and the kinds of "soft" skills that are increasingly becoming relevant to have influence and impact within your company or organization, especially in the area of sustainability and social responsibility. 


  • Erika Webb-Hughes, Pearson, Vice President of Sustainability & West Coast Government Affairs
  • Bianca Tamagnini, Pearson, Senior Manager, Sustainability

Session 5: Coming Out Of Your Plastic Shell

This thought-provoking chat, led by circular economy and plastic sustainability experts, probed beneath the surface to understand the complexity of plastic pollution, how its interconnected with things like design decisions, policy, and consumer behavior, and what a career in this field might look like. 


  • Helmut Brenner, Shell, Sustainability Manager
  • Lauren Phipps, Greenbiz, Director and Senior Analyst on Circular Economy

Session 6: Interactive Career Workshop

Shannon Houde from Walk of Life Coaching hosted an interactive career workshop aimed at helping you reconnect with your purpose and gain practical tools to go further toward creating a better world for you and others. Shannon facilitated and guided attendees on strategies to be used in articulating and positioning yourself to rise above the competition.