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  • Want to Make an Impact? 3 Reasons to Consider a 'Traditional' Role

    When I speak with students who are passionate about sustainability or social impact, they often begin with, “I’m not sure what I want to do, but I know that I don’t want to work in a ‘traditional’ role.” ...Read More »

  • Money or Meaning: Do Impact Careers Always Require a Tradeoff?

    Impact career

    One of the more frustrating dilemmas, when it comes to thinking about an impact career, is the question of salary. You want to make a difference in the world and do work that matters, but you also need to get paid. Maybe you have student loans to pay off or a family to support, or you just want to feel like your salary appropriately reflects the value that you bring to an organization. Those needs are reasonable, but reconciling salary requirements with an impact career path often feels impossible. ...Read More »

  • 6 Creative Strategies for Networking Your Way into a Job

    Networking at the 2013 Net Impact Conference

    Any job-seeker has heard this advice before: network, network, network. This advice is especially true when it comes to impact careers, where professional circles are small and disciplines are constantly evolving. Whether you are interested in clean tech or impact investing, education or corporate sustainability, you’ll find that networking with practitioners is absolutely your best investment of time when it comes to the job search. You might even find yourself talking your way into a job, or writing your own job description for a role that doesn’t exist yet. ...Read More »

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