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  • Three Tips for Graduates: How to Navigate What Comes Next

    Whoa. Graduation is looming and you’ve got a ton of end-of-semester activities to tackle, not to mention family descending on campus to wish you well as you move into a new chapter of your life. But hard as it might be to fathom, now’s the time to focus on what comes next – because a good transition plan can set you on the right post-graduation path. Here's some advice to get you started. ...Read More »

  • 12 Cities in 12 Months: Impactathon Series Goes Global with Design Thinking

    The question behind each Impactathon has guided all 12 events in the global series: What will it take to get our next generation prepared for the workforce and to solve some of our most pressing social challenges? Over the last two months, Net Impact visited a handful of stops in Europe to introduce design thinking to students and employees in the hopes of generating new ideas and fostering strong connections. ...Read More »

  • 10 Human-Centered Moments From Our First Impactathon

    SAP and Net Impact Impactathon

    Boundaries break down when you’re in a room with strangers for 10 hours straight – and that’s exactly what happened at our recent Impactathon held with global technology company SAP in the Bay Area. Over the course of a day, teams took part in our pilot Impactathon event, tackling a design challenge around getting young people the critical skills they need using the power of business and education. ...Read More »

  • Three Lessons Learned From Startups

    The nonprofit sector has definitely come under examination in the last few years. From the increased focus on talent development, to the TED manifesto on warped charity perceptions, to the catchy Tumblr that brought to life nonprofit workers’ deepest frustrations: The social sector is finally in the limelight. Some would say part of this change is attributed to the Lean Impact movement. ...Read More »

  • Call for Entries: Do You Know a Promising Mind in Renewable Energy?

    The challenges facing the energy industry over the coming decades are immense, says Michael Puckett, a graduate student at Yale University. These are messy problems...which require a deep understanding of every aspect of the energy value chain, combined with a keen sense of intelligence and creativity. ...Read More »

  • Your 3,000-person Classroom

    Looking around the office here, it's clear that conference season is upon us - volunteer t-shirts are coming in, freshly printed, as staffers pick up phone lines to field questions about registration and travel logistics. So as the 2013 Net Impact Conference team furiously rolls out sessions, we just had to share a few we're really excited about. After all, #NI13 doesn't just rehash the same old questions and theories you already know; it's about sharing a space with today's thinkers and doers to create the opportunity for breakthrough ideas and that next a-ha! moment that might change the world. ...Read More »

  • 3 Soft Skills Every Sustainability Leader Needs

    Excelling in a sustainability role requires an extensive science background, right? Not quite. The going notion may be that technical skills will help you tackle environmental impact at work - but that's only part of the picture. For the majority of really effective sustainability leaders, soft skills are far more critical to getting the job done. So how do you know if you've got what it takes? Whether you're looking to initiate conversation inside your company or spearhead a new program, here are three soft skills every sustainability leader should develop. ...Read More »

  • Pulling Back the Curtain on Materials Manufacturing

    You're the company product manager. You have to reduce your energy load by a final 2% to meet this year's emissions quota. But you've already made every stride imaginable - reducing packaging needs, making smart transportation choices, and integrating end-of-life disposal. Now it's time to move beyond the low-hanging fruit. If only the materials used in manufacturing itself required less cost and energy than traditional ones... ...Read More »

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Now

    Don't worry, Net Impact's got you covered. Here are five ways to give the planet (and yourself) a little love and learning on Earth Day. ...Read More »

  • Why Are These Companies Supporting LGBT Rights?

    In more than half of the United States, it's still legal to fire someone for being gay. Yet, as participants learned in a recent Issues in Depth call, it was also in many ways a landmark year for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) equality - and perhaps most surprisingly, big business has been ahead of the curve. ...Read More »


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