Day 2 of the 2017 Toyota Next Generation Mobility Challenge Boot Camp

By: Net Impact staff | April 7, 2017

On the first and only full day of the Boot Camp, the Toyota Next Generation Mobility Challenge finalist teams participated in a rigorous design sprint to further refine their concepts. Each team received valuable feedback from members of the Toyota team throughout the day.

The schedule consisted of four, two-hour segments designed to helped the students focus their energies on filling in the gaps in their proposals. In the first two hours students identified key challenges to implementing their idea and then they spent some time on understanding the customer value proposition. After a quick lunch break, the teams returned for a segment on identifying potential partners and finally the day ended with each team selecting the proper business model for their project.

A highlight of the day was a role-playing activity in the customer value proposition segment. Students in each team pretended to be customers and posed some tough questions to their own teammates to challenge them to improve their value prop. Through this exercise the teams learned the importance of really listening to the customer and taking their needs and wants into consideration. Tomorrow, during the final day of the Boot Camp, each team will finalize their next steps - stay tuned!

Interested in seeing the results? Each team will create a video explaining their idea. Sign up here to be notified when voting opens – help your favorite idea become a reality!


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