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Do you have ideas that will #makethefuture?

Net Impact welcomes Shell as a sponsor of the 2018 Net Impact Conference in Phoenix, AZ October 25-27th. 

There’s a possible but challenging pathway for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, according to Shell’s recently published Sky Scenario, but it will require many more of us to choose low-carbon, high-efficiency ways to meet our energy needs. 

So, how can you help drive this important transition across the world? What game-changer, in the form of policy, technology or social trend, do you think would incentivize that shift and significantly contribute to the rate at which society moves through the energy transition? 

Join Shell at NI18 to help us all move towards more and cleaner energy. 

The Energy Transition Game

Developed by Shell’s Scenarios group in 2016, this simulation exercise puts you in the shoes of a government, consumer, energy provider, NGO or industry. Your challenge is to keep your world’s economy going while making the energy transition. 

Time will be of the essence. You will be faced with dilemmas: should you prioritize your short-term individual objective or invest for the common objective? Will your fellow players enable or default you? Can you rely on their commitments? 

The Energy Transition Game allows players to experience hands-on some of the dilemmas, issues and opportunities the world may encounter as energy transitions unfold across the globe over the coming decades. It also offers a concluding debrief to let players reflect on the scenario they have collectively played out, as well as explore what alternative worlds they could have created. 

The Future of Energy Challenge

Launched in 2017, the Challenge is an opportunity for Net Impact Members to develop new and innovative solutions to energy challenges together with experts in the energy industry. Participants may choose one of multiple problem statements, curated by Shell’s New Energies Research and Technology group, allowing teams to address important challenges in the areas of energy storage, energy delivery, energy generation, and the broader energy transition. 

Shell has been innovating for more than a century to produce energy in more efficient, reliable and sustainable ways – and we’re always looking for big ideas! Your team’s idea might concentrate on the role of technology as a key lever in driving change, others may focus on systems that are needed to meet a challenge – like new or evolving infrastructure – while another option may be to hone-in on changing consumer behavior. 

Last year’s Future of Energy Challenge winners and finalists from Texas State University, Johns Hopkins University and Duke University won passes to participate in Powering Progress Together and Make the Future California 2018 and meet with civil society members who are leading the conversation and action around the Energy Transition. 

This year’s finalists will also have a chance to grow their solution concepts into market-ready proposals at a 2-day accelerator in the spring of 2019 in California. 

Visit Shell at NI18 to learn more about the Challenge

Learn more about Shell’s energy transition work at the 2018 Net Impact Conference.