We Asked, You Answered… “How Do You Feel about Our New President?"

By: Net Impact staff | January 24, 2017

Read what 5 Net Impact members had to say when asked about our new president and how they plan to drive impact this year.
Read what 5 Net Impact members had to say when asked about our new president and how they plan to drive impact this year.

As we enter a new year, with a new president, we want to hear from our Net Impact community on how you feel about our new administration and how you plan to turn your passions into world-changing action this year. 

Read on to see what five of our members from around the world had to say and tell us in the comments your thoughts as we head into 2017. 

1) Graduate student, Peter Sacco, says that while we saw unconventional candidates achieve real success on both sides of the isle, “we must view the election of our new president through the lens of opportunity.” 

He is creating opportunities for himself and for Latin American craftsmen and women through his social enterprise, Adelante Shoe Co. a socially responsible business. He is also focused on a second startup, Living Well Inc., a non-profit certification for companies in search of a simple, powerful way to pursue social responsibility. His plans to turn his passion into a life-time of world-changing action in 2017 are to have Adelante Shoe Co. become the first Living Well Certified company and to continue to better the lives of men and women in Latin America. 

2) Andrea Durango is the president of the first Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter in Ecuador at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. “I am a Latina and when thinking about opportunities the first thing that comes to my mind is the US,” says Andrea. “If I could say something to Donald Trump and the new administration I would say that they have in their hands a powerful and amazing country and that they should get the best out of it.”

“I am really aware of what is going to happen this year with all of these changes but also excited of what other things I can do not only as a student but as a citizen in order to respond to the changes that my country and the world will be facing.”

3) Samantha Kirsch, a junior at Cornell University, is president of Sustainable Enterprise Association (SEA), the undergraduate chapter of Net Impact at Cornell. In light of the new administration she has seen her classmates come together and show solidarity with one another, as well as for causes such as the environment, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equity. She believes that “if any generation can make a change, it's the millennials.”

Samantha loves being a part of her university’s Net Impact chapter and is actively pursuing having her chapter host a signature Net Impact Local event in 2017. 

4) Blake Mendez is a professional with a career in clean energy and Regional Ambassador for Net Impact. He says he has most enjoyed his personal transformation from an engaged professional chapter member to becoming the President of Net Impact Austin, and ultimately, a Regional Ambassador for Net Impact. He believes our Net Impact community must continue to identify and address social issues, not just environmental ones, through our daily work and lives. 

“Tolerance, transparency, human rights, and environmental protection are my deep passion points. I look forward to launching Net Impact Amarillo in 2017 and connecting the rural world together with the urban world.” - Blake Mendez. 

5) Lindsey Walaski is a mechanical engineer and graduate student who is “working to be a participant of progress.” Since becoming a member in 2015, she says that she really values the pragmatic and creative Net Impact community. “Always a detective for a silver lining,” Lindsey is discovering a new level of importance for a sustainable future in light of the new political climate. 

“Looking towards Net Impact and other impact focused organizations, these will continue to be a vital resource for progress by providing the vehicles to connect with larger networks, stay informed on relevant policies, and organize events." - Lindsey Walaski

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